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Clean Technology for Renewable Energy


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California's biobased industries are united under the banner of the BioEnergy Producers Association in advocating a positive statutory and regulatory environment for bioenergy production in the State of California.

During the past ten years, California has placed in landfills more then 340 million tons of post-recycled solid waste, one of the state’s most readily available and environmentally favorable sources of renewable energy.

Throughout this time, the state's own BioEnergy Action Plan has included language directing CalRecycle, its waste management agency, "to work to promulgate changes to existing law to develop a regulatory framework for biomass waste conversion facilities, meeting environmental standards, that clearly distinguishes them from disposal, and provides clear permitting pathways for their development, as well as providing diversion credits to local jurisdictions for solid waste processed by these technologies."

Yet, California's legislative and executive bureaucracy have not taken a single productive step to enable the use of organic wastes as sustainable feedstocks for the production of advanced non-food derived biofuels, biobased chemicals and renewable electricity.

Addressing these issues, Jim Stewart, Chairman of the BioEnergy Producers Association, wrote a definitive article on "MSW and the Promise of Biotechnology" for the June 2015 issue MSW Management Magazine, which was re-printed in Biofuels Digest.

As a result of this continuing statutory and regulatory uncertainty, biobased technology providers have essentially turned their backs on the State of California, locating their projects elsewhere across North America. Over the past decade they have either located or moved out of the state approximately $1 billion in commercial plant construction.

For further coverage, see the "News & Commentary" pages of this website.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 June 2015 18:45